Google Play Store v2.0.4 – CMS for the app and software Download php script.

About: Google Play store is very popular and most usable Android application from Google. is there many calls part of lights because the rules and simply and wonderful design and easy to use. and mainly it’s from google. that’s why it’s pretty popular.

Information: Google Play Store V2 is the Update CMS PhP script. its almost look like is Google Play Store. Mainly the CM’s developer have made it very dutifully. because Dad have included many system and he said all is your device friendly colors and many others else.

so It’s great CMS but we have brought Costly from our develper. for 49$. For to you is totally free so just download and enjoye.


  1. Import from url.

2.Auto upload.

  1. File upload.

4.Easy to install.

  1. Wonderfull color.
  2. 100% Responcive and device friendly.

7.Bug fixed.

Demo: Google play app store demo